Professional massage therapies, adapted to you

From 20 minutes per person in your workplace, to 3 hours massage time just for you per treatment, in Wellington, NZ.


My name’s Jason.

Me, Jason

I was born in the UK, but my heart fell for New Zealand after my first visit in 1996. I’d been working as a professional massage therapist pretty much ever since, and returned to the place I call home here in NZ in 2014.

After returning to the UK in the late 1990s (and getting my degree, etc.), in 2002 I expanded my own therapy practise, and established ‘The Therapy Agency‘, as the UK’s first truly national agency of quality professional massage therapists. This highly commended business specialised in on-site massage to a range of events and workplaces around the UK, with up to 100 therapists working at any time. The Therapy Agency still runs to this day.

I’ve personally provided over 10,000 professional massage treatments directly, and of course I’ve been responsible for many more through my agency. My own clients cover all walks of life, including various professional sports people and TV celebrities who’d call me directly.

I’m trained in various forms of massage therapy, and so my technique is always adapted to the needs of each person at each moment of the treatment. From gentle movements to relax and calm the muscles, firmer manipulation and kneading the muscles to ease the tension away, deeper tissue work to undo the chronic knots, and a range of percussion (tapotement) techniques to release muscles that are locked up.

To watch me work, has often been described as witnessing a combination of Tai Chi, Martial Arts, and Dance. I utilise my body weight and balance to apply pressure precisely how and where your body needs it the most. I happily massage all day without getting physically tired, which is why I now also run workshops for other therapists in how to improve their own technique to reduce RSI in themselves and similar.

My touch is intuitive. People often describe how I go straight to the precise point they need within seconds of starting, and seem to know just how to apply the right amount of pressure in just the right way.

For me there is a two way communication with your body : as I work, your body indicates to me how long I can spend on a particular area, when that particular muscle needs a breather, when I need to loosen up the area around it first, where the actual cause point is for the resulting tension, etc.

I adapt to how long we have set-aside for the treatment.  For friends and strangers, even 30 seconds can make significant improvements to a problem area. When I’m massaging at an event, we can often only get 10 minute slots per person to meet, massage, and ready for the next client.  In workplaces this can be 20-30 minute treatment slots (focussing on the upper back and shoulders through clothes on an on-site chair). When I’m working one-to-one at your home or a clinic, I prefer a minimum of 90 minutes hands-on time for a full body treatment (plus 15 minutes either side to set up my massage table).

For me, I feel so much going on within each muscle area, that 3 hours is a good amount of time for me to work around the whole body on one person at a time (obviously avoiding the areas normally covered by swimwear).  My clients who experience a three hour massage for the first time, repeatedly comment that the time flowed so naturally, and it didn’t feel anything like three hours, but just the right amount of time for the treatment.

I’ve also provided quite a few 5 hour massage treatments to each person. Although this is normally about the limit because by that time, both of us are pretty hungry!

I’m currently a mobile massage therapist, in that I’ll come to you with my massage table, towels, etc.

I’ve also worked on the gift economy payment method.  You already know what the going rates are for professional massage treatments, and I work accordingly.

If you have any other queries, please do get in contact.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.