Professional massage therapies, adapted to you

From 20 minutes per person in your workplace, to 3 hours massage time just for you per treatment, in Wellington, NZ.

Massage Training

  • Have you wanted to learn more about massage?
  • Do you get pain in your fingertips and hands whilst massaging?
  • Does the person working apply too much pressure too quickly?
  • Are you a professional therapist who gets tired after a day of providing treatments, but would like to learn how to massage all day without tiring yourself out?

I first started working as a professional massage therapist in 1996, and established the UK’s first¬†national agency of massage therapists in 2002, which continues to run to this day.

I’ve personally provided tens of thousands of massage treatments to date, and trained around the world, continuing to do improve my knowledge and experience wherever possible.

I’ve been a professional Teacher, Public Speaker, Presenter, and Trainer.

I’m passionate about massage therapies, and ensuring they can be the best available, often with only simple variations to technique to maximise efficiency and efficacy. ¬† I don’t believe massage therapists should get tired out giving professional treatments, and continue to share the techniques I’ve developed with all those keen to learn.

Massage can be such an incredibly powerful technique, it’s a natural process to touch others, and it’s so easy to do well when you understand the basics.

I therefore provide training courses to professional therapists, individuals, and couples, to help share more about how you can provide effective massages with minimal effort and maximum effect.

If you’d like to know about the next available courses (run on demand), please do contact me.