Professional massage therapies, adapted to you

From 20 minutes per person in your workplace, to 3 hours massage time just for you per treatment, in Wellington, NZ.

The Gift Economy

The gift economy is now my preferred way of working, wherever possible.

If you’re not already familiar with the concept, this effectively means that I work to the best of my ability, and you pay for my work as you feel appropriate.

This methodology is already used in a very wide range of ‘open source’ computer programming.  It’s also used by some incredible restaurants, coffee shops, designers, even law firms!

If you want to know how much to pay, take a look at the local market rates.  If you have a set-budget in mind, choose a value that you feel happy paying, and we’ll work out a suitable time period accordingly.

If you feel the price you pay is a fair reflection of my work, then I consider that a fair exchange.  Everyone’s happy.

Obviously there are a few restrictions.. I’m not going to travel for 3 hours each way to provide a 20 minute treatment, nor would it be reasonable for me to work for 5 hours and you offer me $5 for my time.

Be reasonable, be respectful.  If you have your own professional skills you’d like to exchange for my time, I’m always happy to discuss.

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